I love to travel!

I am lucky to travel far and wide. I cannot wait to explore our beautiful world through the eyes of a child.

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Loving the Spanish Fort and ocean in Puerto Rico

Loving the Spanish Fort and ocean in Puerto Rico


A few of my favorite vacations have been…

Cabo San lucas, mexico

Our annual family vacation where we play mini golf, rent ATV’s on the beach, fish for Marlin and play in the pool!


I went with my best friend for 12 days, we even got scuba certified in Phuket on my birthday!

Kenya and tanzania, africa

My family and I went on a safari in Africa and it was absolutely incredible.

sayulita, mexico

With a group of friends and their kids. We boogie boarded, played in the ocean, wandered the local fair and played games. 

Amman, jordan

I toured Petra, which is where Transformers and Indiana Jones were filmed, snorkeled in the Red Sea, Rode camels where Lawrence of Arabia was living on the silk road. It was fantastic and historic!


I’ve traveled all over Europe: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, England/Scotland, Turkey, Ireland and Sweden for a few.

galapagos islands

The nature, beauty and ability to see animals thrive was astounding! I saw giant 100+ year old tortoises and snorkeled with sea lion pups.