I live in Washington State

I moved back near where I grew up about a year ago. I found a home close to my family and on a lake then spent 6 months remodeling it! (including a nursery!) The school district is one of the top rated in the state, and my neighborhood is full of kids and activities. My parents live close by and have about 10 acres of land. We all love to run in the fields and orchards or explore the creek and forest. My dog Finnegan especially likes to sniff out the deer, elk, bunnies and other wild things while we play. 


I grew up with my Mom having a large garden and this year I was able to put one in at my house, so all summer there were fresh veggies and herbs. My house has a dock with paddle boards, kayaks, and a boat. I also have a ‘Lily Pad” that floats on the water but you can run on it! Its a hit when its hot and all of the kids love it too. I am an EMT, and make sure I have extra life jackets and other precautions when any kids are here. I am looking forward to teaching my future son or daughter how to swim (neighborhood pool with lessons) play golf (whole family plays), as well as tennis and pickle ball here on my community courts.

Meet Finnegan or ‘Finn’ for short, my loving dog.

He is a street pup rescued from Mexico. Finn is an Australian mix with webbed feet and loves the water! I flew to San Diego to get him and he has been an amazing addition to my life and family ever since. Finnegan loves to swim, paddle board and go on our morning walks or runs.

Finnegan is very smart, does well with commands and absolutely loves kids. He is so sweet and gentle with the smaller kids and plays chase with the older kids. He is happiest when he is chasing bunnies, deer, ducks and (his favorite) squirrels.

Finnegan loves to swim and go on our morning walks or runs. When my mom had surgery, he didn't leave her bedside and even brought her a bow he found. He only weighs 40 pounds which is the perfect playful size. I know he can't wait to show a little addition to our family the paths around the island and how to sneak up on birds and bunnies!

hiking in washington with my dog
my dog finnegan

Places I love (and why!)

Crystal Mountain Ski Resort

In the winter my family, friends and I ski (they also offer great classes for kids!). In the summer we take the gondola to the top to hike, dogs are even allowed to ride up! 

Sporting Events

I love the sports teams in the area, both minor and major league baseball, as well as college and pro football. I go to a few games each year. 

Bike Trails

There is a closed golf course that was turned into a giant bike trail near my home. You can bike for miles or run your dog off leash. 

My Community

We have tennis courts, pickle ball courts, a golf course, 2 huge parks with play toys, docks, a pool and a restaurant. I play in the ladies golf club and play pickle ball regularly. I'm teaching my niece and nephew to play tennis and can't wait to teach my future child. It's an amazing community and I have kind and wonderful neighbors all over this island!

Small Towns

Shops, restaurants, markets and festivals. Almost every weekend of the year there is an event of the season!