this is my village

My family is very important to me!

I am so grateful and blessed to be surround with so many close family and loving friends.  

My parents live 15 minutes away in the house that I grew up in. They have been married for over 50 years and still really enjoy each other’s company! As a family, all 7 of us go on yearly hunting and fishing trips and spend many days in the San Juan Islands together. My dad is a retired pilot and my mom is a retired teacher. They are wonderful at helping take care of Finn when I’m working and are active loving grandparents excited and supportive about adding another child to our family through adoption. They are looking forward to my journey as a parent and can’t wait to be a part of it. 


i have a close relationship with my niece and nephew

My nephew recently started taking horseback riding lessons with me while my niece is at gymnastics. My brother and I have been close since we were little and still have a great time together, working or playing. We work for the same company and its fun to share stories over dinner. Luckily that is quite often! My sister-in-law is an amazing mom who manages to keep track of where we all are and all of our activities. They are so supportive of my decision to adopt and are ready to have another little one around with the pitter patter to love on.  My niece cant wait to hold a little cousin.


introducing my friends

I am surrounded by a fantastic large group of amazing friends whom I consider family. Many live close, some live further away but all are still there for each other, events big and small. My best friend from college is in LA, and she is also friends with my best friend from Portland. We all talk often and help each other with everything from family issues to home decor. I just spent 4 days in Portland with my fantastic friends there doing everything from riding bikes with the kids, grilling out, fishing, cooking and we even travel together, kids, dogs and all! Two of my closest friends live in Missouri & Tennessee, but we talk daily & with flying benefits we get to see each other often. My friends and I have been there for each other through many of life’s obstacles. I truly love each and every one of them, they are phenomenal people. It only takes one phone call to rally the troops whenever someone is in need. These loving people are waiting with open arms to include my future child into our village

At a football game with friends

At a football game with friends


My Favorite Family Traditions 


We all get up early and plunge into our christmas stockings together around the table eating a giant quiche and pastries.


After dinner, we play games and tell stories about each other that only one other person knew about that year.


A day of whatever you want to do, go, play and whatever you want to eat.

The New Year

January first we have a huge college football game day party and all of the kids get to pick teams. If their team wins, they trade wins for chores with the adults. (one of my favorites as a kid)

San juan islands

We all chip in a quarter and make a pool for who catches the first fish, the biggest fish and the most fish for the day or couple days! 


We take 2 annual family trips no matter what! We go salmon fishing in Alaska and deer hunting in eastern Washington. Most of the time is spent camping so we chat, cook, make goofy jokes and play games with a little hunting, fishing and learning in the middle. Its all about the time together.


A note from a friend 

"Jenny is unlike anyone else I have ever met in that she is interested in almost anything from fishing to cake decorating to sports, world history, fashion, flying, and everything in between as well as one of the most generous people! She always makes time for anyone in her life to give of her time and talents whenever possible. I love her passion for the incredible variety of interests, giving her an unparalleled perspective in so many things. As a mom of 3, I know she’ll be an amazing mother because of her love for life and the people in it. I have no doubt this will show in every ounce of the absolute love given to her little person. She is a woman that will take joy in making every sacrifice to enjoy the blessings of watching him or her grow."


A few of my favorite family snapshots