I’m Jenny

I am an adventurous, fun, caring woman from Washington state. I have so much love to give and cannot wait to share my life with a child!

jenny with her dog finnigan

To Someone Very Special,

I am so touched and grateful to you for considering adoption. The COURAGE it takes as a woman and a mom to make such a decision surpasses anything I have experienced in my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to learn about who I am, my life, and what I can provide as a parent to your child.

Although I am single and do not have children yet, I have an amazing network of family members and friends who support me in my decision to adopt and raise a child. With an open heart, a strong spirit and unwavering commitment, I am ready and eager to share all of the ups, downs and little moments along the way, as are the people in my life.


The things I love most are learning, laughing, creating and living each day to the fullest! A few of my favorite hobbies include:


the outdoors!

My dog Finn and I go run at the park in my neighborhood that’s on an island with trees and paths! At least enjoy being outside together every day we can.

the water!

I live o a lake, so I paddle board and kayak often. I enjoy having friends over to take the boat out, wakeboard and tube.


There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, or watching a great movie. I especially love to lounge around when I’m joined by my niece, nephew or friend’s children.

baking and cooking!

I’ll bake anything! The hardest part for me is not eating the dough, but I do lick the beaters!


Whether it’s my house, family, a friends or even a camping trailer, I love interior design. While my parents were on vacation I moved things and added decor, luckily my Mom loved it!


I love to sew and enjoy putting together costumes for the kids and adults in my life. I have a costume closet full of great stuff! This year, my niece was Cleopatra and wore the beaded neck, waist and headbands that I purchased during a trip to Cairo, Egypt

San juan islands!

My favorite place in the world is the San Juan Islands, I spent summers there growing up, fishing, crabbing, riding bikes, walking the dog, playing on the beach and games with family