About My Faith

To me, both faith and spirituality are important foundations as a person and in daily life. Traveling so much, seeing and  experiencing many cultures, has brought me closer to my faith and the teachings I would like to share with my child. I believe if you have a solid footing in some sort of worship, a belief that good is inherent and God is there for you, you’ll never be alone. You’ll find a place to turn to when feeling scared or lost and a place to rejoice and give thanks when grateful and jubilant. This is why I would like to introduce my child to God and also show him or her to other forms of religion and worship throughout the world. The ability to believe that “All things are possible through Him who gives me strength,” can help find a way through the confusing and hard times as well as the grace to be kind and keep going. In my life, I try to find grace and hope in faith and support in the unknown, "For I know the plans for you, plans to prosper you, not harm you, to give you strength and a future.” 

faith and spirituality are important foundations

These are my promises

We are both starting a new journey, and with anything in life, there will be ups and downs along the way, but I promise you these things… 

I promise to share all that I am, all that I have and all that I can find so your child can see, feel, and touch everything from seeing whales and crabbing in the San Juan Islands while learning to row a boat, to soaking in sunrises and sunsets or eating s’mores under the stars. From learning about languages and cultures, to hiking, riding horses, flying planes, taking pictures, reading and coloring in a hammock, playing house, sewing, cooking, singing, dancing, giving and receiving and so much more..

  • I will love your child completely and wholly for who they are at each moment and every stage

  • I will be there for all of the memories big and small in creating a fulfilling life

  • I will provide an education both rich in traditional schooling and in exploring adventures around the world

  • I promise there will be animals in his or her life. From dogs to horses, bunnies to cows and kitties, and maybe even a hamster

  • I will teach him or her to be responsible, capable and kind

  • I will be there for the moments big and small, the bumps and bruises, to kiss the knees and foreheads, and to mend the heart when wounded

  • I promise to share a faith with your child that gives him or her a foundation of love and brings hope whenever needed

  • I promise to share and HONOR your LOVE, STRENGTH and the GIFT that is the STORY OF THEIR ADOPTION

  • I promise to keep them healthy, happy, engaged, safe and surrounded by so many others who are there to love and cheer them on each step of the way